Terms and conditions

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal can be exercised by all customers, whether they have made the purchase as a guest or as a customer registered in the MyiDO section.

The non-registered customer who made the purchase as a guest may exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 working days of receipt of the goods through the following procedure:

  1. the customer communicates by email to customerservice@ido.it or by calling 0575/533444 that he intends to return the goods, specifying the order number and the items he intends to return;
  2. The products must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;
  3. The products must be returned intact in their original packaging and with all tags and shipped within 14 working days from the date of receipt to: iDO store, c/o Miniconf S.p.a, Magazzino Ferrantina 3, Zona Industriale Ferrantina, Via dell'Artigiano, 69, 52011, Bibbiena (AR), Italy
  4. Miniconf reserves the right not to accept damaged and/or used garments.

The cost of returning the product(s) to our warehouse by a customer not registered at www.ido.it is charged to customers who are free to choose the carrier they prefers for shipping. Only in case of product defects attributable to Miniconf S.p.a., does the company reserve the right to assume the cost of shipment.
If, on the other hand, customer s are registered in the MyiDO section and wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, they can do so within 14 working days of receipt of the goods by carrying out the return procedure directly within the account. Customers can enter their order directly, click on the item(s) they wish to return, book the return and print the return form for inclusion in the package. During the return request phase, Miniconf S.p.a. invites the customer to indicate the reason why they wish to return the product(s).

The return is free of charge only for customers registered in the MyiDO section and, in this case, after the customer has requested the return by completing the fields specified in the documentation in their MyiDO account, Miniconf S.p.a. will send the courier.
By taking advantage of the free return at Miniconf S.p.a.'s expense, the MyiDO customer can request an exchange of goods or close the return with a refund equal to the value of the item(s) that they are returning or with a coupon equal to the value of the returned items. The coupon will not include free shipping costs.
If, on the other hand, a non-registered user requests an exchange of goods, the new product(s) will be shipped at Miniconf S.p.a.'s expense only after Miniconf S.p.a. has received the return and verified its condition.

The cost of returning the product(s) to Miniconf S.p.a.'s warehouse by a customer registered in the MyiDO section will be paid by Miniconf S.p.a. only if the customer complies with the return procedure specified in the website www.ido.it and in the prresent general terms of sale.
Shipment costs for goods exchange are always payable by Miniconf S.p.a.

NB: some products are available in one size/colour/length. Therefore, these products cannot be changed for a different size/colour/length etc.
If the unregistered or registered customer does not want to change their goods, they can request a refund that will be made using the same payment method as the order or by issuing a coupon code that can be used for a new purchase in the Online Store.

The shipping costs for sending the goods exchange are borne by Miniconf S.p.a. only for returns made by unregistered users or for users registered on the website www.ido.it.

The exchange of goods at the expense of Miniconf S.p.a. it is not intended for myiDO users or registered in the myiDO section of the website www.ido.it

For further specifications read our general conditions of sale (link to the general conditions of sale)