Our history begins much earlier than iDO.

iDO is the latest brainchild of Miniconf, a company devoted to children’s apparel, founded in 1987 thanks to the inspiration of its current president, Giovanni Basagni.

The place of its birth is, in itself, full of magic: Ortignano, in the heart of the Casentino Valley, in eastern Tuscany, amidst mountains covered with beech and fir trees, hills bordered with oaks and chestnuts, and sudden drops into the valley where the first stretch of the River Arno flows.

Perhaps the environment, combining contrasting elements in a harmonious composition, was the mysterious engine that determined the company’s quiet and definite growth from the very first years: today Miniconf is a sector leader, thanks to its brands Sarabanda, Dodipetto, and iDO and to the fact that it has focused on a multichannel distribution, an attention to new technologies, cutting-edge logistics, and a truly unique capacity for listening to the market and consumers.