A story that comes from afar

iDO is the latest brand born in Miniconf, an international company founded in 1973 and dedicated to kidswear.

Despite the global scope of the brand, iDO is strongly rooted in its territorial context: the Casentino valley, in the province of Arezzo, in the eastern part of Tuscany.

The iDO kidswear proposals are characterized by the versatility of the occasions of use. All the collections are designed with the specific intent of accompanying children in their daily life with style.

The main objective of iDO is to offer garments that know how to combine the style and versatility of the different collections with durability , comfort and the utmost attention to environmental sustainability issues.

This is possible thanks to the commitment that the brand employs every day, starting from the choice of fabrics up to the production methods and processes, tested daily for meet and exceed industry standards.

In addition to its focus on design and production, iDO also focuses on multi-channel distribution, attention to new technologies, efficient and cutting-edge logistics, and a unique ability to listen to consumers and the market.